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Administrative Messages

Superintendent/Principal's Message

Welcome to Liberty Elementary School, home of the Lions! Our Liberty staff continues to work effectively toward a community of excellence. Our staff has focused on increasing the rigor in the classrooms to make sure our students are developing the 21st century skills needed to be college and career ready. Our goal in 2018-19 is to continue to increase our students’ depth of knowledge through collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking. We continue to implement Project Based Learning in grades TK-8 to encourage students to take ownership of their learning. We will continue our collaboration between the community, staff and student body. We are committed to maximizing student achievement, improving communication, promoting Character Counts!, and ensuring a safe school



Parents, we need your help, too! Research shows that high parental expectations and parental involvement positively affect student achievement. Please become involved in your child’s education. We welcome parents in classrooms as volunteers, and we regularly hold school activities that need parent participation. We

understand that your time is precious, so please remember that parent involvement can also be as simple as checking your child’s homework each night or reading a book with your child.


We are dedicated to student success, and as a community, we will reach our goals. We look forward to working with parents and students to provide a rewarding and productive environment each school year. Please join us as we continue to build a community of excellence.




Keri Montoya


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